Thursday, May 10, 2012


17 day diet.... I am not sure how i feel about that name. To me it conjures feelings of a gimmick. Like the "Grapefruit Diet" or so many other fad diets that we all have heard of. I am not interested in a system (even if it works for weight loss) that is 1)not healthy and 2) unsustainable. I am 37 years old and I know what i can and can not do.  Or should I say will or wont do? When my lovely girlfriend Jennifer suggested the "17 day diet" I was less then excited. However the more i found out about it the more interested i became.

I have battled with being overweight most of my life with a few stints of being at a desirable weight. For much of my late teens and twenties i worked in construction out in the field. This was a very physical job. I was burning a couple thousand calories a day. Couple that with a young man's metabolism and i could get away with eating anything i wanted in quantities that would make a glutton raise an eyebrow. And i did. Even with the daily  "work" outs I was able to be 10-40 lbs overweight most of that time.

During that period in my life i would balloon up till the guys started making fat jokes Then i would essentially starve myself until the guys started making skinny jokes. This went on for years. I would always say that "I could loss weight just as fast as i could gain it". At that time it was a true statement, I can no longer say that! I gain at an amazing rate these days and lose at an equally amazing slow pace. I  now work in the office and am out of the field. I am staring at 40 and still eat like i am twenty-three and getting lots of exercise. Bad combination!

So here we are. My sweet heart and myself  are ready to make a change. I think we should post photos of our bodies during our journey. I am not talking about posting photos that already exist of us. I want "biggest loser type" photos. Jenny is totally opposed to this idea.  I like the idea of being completely open and charting our progress. I also believe it makes things a bit more personal. If the idea of this blog is to help others and keep us engaged in our lifestyle change, the photos would be a good idea for those reasons... in my opinion. If you all agree or dont.. let us know.  Thanks, Josh

PS i told jenny we could blur out our faces to start :)

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  1. Negative on the photos being posted on this site. Maybe AFTER..MAYBE.