Thursday, May 17, 2012

New things.

Today has been pretty good.  Although I'm missing carbs, I'm not really craving any.  That was, until tonight, when I was watching a movie that involved a few scenes of chocolate cake, a chocolate filled croissant, and a fried french pastry type thing that screamed "EAT ME!".  So, I looked up some low-carb, 17-day diet approved recipes and found one for egg custard.

It was....ehhh.  If you're craving something that has a carb like texture, and is SLIGHTLY sweet - it's good.  It has stevia in it...which has a not so great after taste.  But, It warmed my tummy and semi-satisfied my craving for dessert.  YAY for trying something new.

Along those lines - I decided to try to make eggplant chips.  Sliced egg plant drizzled in olive oil and salted.  They did NOT turn out, at all.  I have never cooked eggplant before, but I apparently should not cook eggplant ever again.  It was a mushy mess.  Definitely not chip like.  Disappointed.  :(  Was really looking forward to chips.

So, I am afraid I am too long winded and am boring all of you - especially since Josh doesn't seem to be writing.  This will be short:

B - Eggs scrambled with broccoli and onions, iced coffee with milk, carbmaster yogurt;
L - Chicken salad made with grapes, non-fat greek yogurt, broccoli, served on greens;
D - Turkey meatballs in tomato sauce (delicious)
Snack - Egg custard

Total weight loss, so far: 3.6 pounds.  GO ME!

One day at a time....

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