Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Last Day + 4

Glorious world!

I added an extra 4 days to my Phase I because I "cheated" on Sun and Mon.

Amazing how I was SO excited to back to plan last Monday night...and now, I'm really wanting to cheat, again.  Funny how it all works.

So, I did "cheat" tonight...but I'm ok with it.  It wasn't a giant piece of cake.  It wasn't the crispy cheese bagel toasted, with a fried egg, slice of cheese, and crispy bacon that I wanted all day today.  It wasn't the box of donuts I wanted to shove down my gullet.  It was a reasonable "cheat" and I am ok with it!  YAY ME for being ok with moderation!

B - kefir smoothie with 1 C strawberries and 1 C frozen mixed berries; Green tea; Iced coffee with acidophilus milk;
L - Crunchy tuna salad over salad greens (2 Tbsp fat free greek yogurt + 1 tsp ranch dip powder; 1 C coleslaw mix; 5 oz can of tuna; 2 tsp relish); Green tea
Snack - CarbMaster yogurt (cherry - NOT my favorite flavor!)
D - 6 oz chicken breast; 1+ C balsamic carrots and Brussels sprouts
Snack2 - 2 low fat honey graham cracker sheets and 1 Tbsp peanut butter; Green tea

I haven't consumed a full 1.5 L of water...I'm a bit behind...will work on trying to get that up there tonight.  My tummy is happy - I don't feel deprived, and my cravings are in check.  I feel GOOD!!!!

Tomorrow was supposed to be the start of Phase II...but I am continuing on with Phase I.  Breakfast is going to be scrambled eggs with fat free feta and sauteed spinach.  Lunch is going to be a chicken salad (chicken breast, fat free greek yogurt, 1 tsp ranch powder, 1 C grapes) over salad greens.  Dinner is going to be...hmmm....maybe another batch of what I had tonight.  Snacks will be hard boiled eggs and yogurt.

Happy Wednesday to All!

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  1. BTW - Figured out why carbs like graham crackers are evil and not recommended. Three hours after eating, and being full - I am STARVING!!! Tummy feels like I skipped dinner. Sad face x10. Lesson learned.