Monday, May 14, 2012

Phase 1; Day 1 - JENN's Experience

I have to apologize - my brain is fuzzy and I'm having a heard time concentrating.  If this doesn't make sense...or rambles...apologies!

Well, it's almost official.  I have ALMOST completed my first day of Phase 1 (only 16 more days to go!).

The day started off...a little off.  Last night I packed up chicken and a large salad with a vinaigrette, my kefir, strawberries, and veggies in prep for today.  Then, this morning, I grabbed everything, headed out the door, and was off!  On the way to work, I realized I left my water bottles at home...and the dressing in the fridge.  So far, not so good.

Breakfast wasn't so bad.  Lunch took me about 2 hours to eat because my salad was GINORMOUS (see photo)!  At about 3pm, a headache came on...and hit me hard.  I started thinking it was because of lack of refined carbs...but I had a lot of veggies, fruit and kefir in the am.  Plenty of carbs!  I am also in an incredibly BAD mood.  And, in general, I feel like crap.

I'm hoping this phase will pass soon - head is killing me, mood is bad, tired, and have no motivation to do anything.

Which is why I didn't do the 20 minute work out.  So, I feel crappy about that.  And I feel crappy, in general.  I'm also having problems concentrating.  I can't seem to focus.  My head is killing me - have I mentioned that?

Dinner I made faux tacos (turkey taco meat in lettuce wraps).  And scarfed them down in less than 10 minutes.  But, NO diet soda!  I have not had a diet soda at all today.  And I have consumed over 3 liters of water. 

Meal plan requires green tea with meals.  I had green tea after breakfast, and with lunch.  Did not have green tea with dinner - oops.  Meal plan also requires lemon with water first thing in the morning - didn't get to that until later in the morning.  So, all in all, not everything by the book today...but within parameters...

I took my "before" photo (with my phone instead of my camera b/c I cannot locate my camera batter charger) the photos aren't what I wanted, but whatever.  "Before" photo is disgusting.  And I also took my measurements.  Grossness.  So incredibly depressing.  Want to jump off a cliff - so gross.

Hunger wise - able to deal with it - not too overwhelming.  It's a different type of hunger...I want bread, crackers, pizza, all the naughty foods.  Have I mentioned that my head is killing me?!!!

Feel like crap...was going to make meatballs and sauce in the crock pot tonight...and kale chips....but I have ABSOLUTELY no energy.  And I feel like crap.

OH GEEZ I'm hoping this feeling like crap thing fades away after a few days...THIS SUCKS.  I am cleansing my body of evil refined sugars and evilness...cleansing...cleansing...and I've read a bunch of articles...these are the symptoms of changing to a low-carb diet: "Low carb diets can cause some noticeable side effects, especially in the first few days or week. Because you're cutting out simple sugars from your diet, your system will notice. You may have headaches, dizziness, nausea, feel tired, unenergetic or irritable. Think about it--how many times did you crave sugar? Well, now you're not eating much sugar, so your body goes through a withdrawal of sorts. You may experience big-time sugar cravings and constipation. To get through this period of time, drink plenty of water. It helps stabilize your body and alleviate the headaches and dizziness.  Read more:"

3 liters of would think that would help with the headache...not yet.  Just peeing every few minutes, and tummy is diluted....

WANT PIZZA!!!!  AND SUGARY FOOD!!!!!!  SAVE ME...please?!

One down....16 more to go....if I don't lose any weight after the first 17 days, I am going to DIE!!!!!

Oh - and I'm under 1200 calories...can't really eat any more veggies.  Wish I could eat more (I'm wanting an orange.  or an apple - but i can't eat fruit after 2pm).

It will get easier...I just have to keep telling myself I'm withdrawing from a drug...just got to get through the at at time...I can do this!!!!  I CAN DO THIS!!!!!!  I CAN DO THIS!!!!

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