Friday, May 25, 2012

Sexy Beast

It has been a few days since I posted - which is unlike me as I am normally posting every day.  Blogs are funny things.  The excitement of the experiment, and the hope that there is interest in your experience are enough to push you to post frequently.  Once the reality that no one actually reads these things (except me and Josh) hit me, the excitement of posting wore off.

So, I'm posting this for posterity sake - to keep track of my journey - for myself.  What was it like for me?  What was I thinking?  Feeling?

Every day is a struggle - some harder than others.  I want to binge - on cookies, cakes, pie, loaves of bread, bagels, donuts.  I want carbs.  The craving has not escaped me.  Maybe it's because I'm eating carbs - fruits and veggies, agave syrup, fake sugars (yogurts, pudding, etc.).  Maybe I need to eliminate all carbs for 21 days to rid myself of the desire to consume them.  That, however, would be incredibly difficult.  I don't know if I can do that one.

So, here I am on Day 12.  I'm working on breakfast now, so I have 6 more days to go (including today).  Phase I weigh in is Thursday, May 31st in the AM.  I'll also be taking measurements then, as well.  As well as an "AFTER" photo (not the final AFTER photo, but to show what progress, if any, shows up visually).

I weighed myself Tuesday (22nd) morning (today is Friday the 25th).  As of Tuesday, my total weight loss on this journey is 6.8 pounds.  I have not weighed myself since then, but I feel like I have lost more weight.  My clothes are starting to fit better, and Josh says he can see a difference in my appearance.  I will weigh myself tomorrow morning and give you an update at that time.

As far as I can tell, in the less than 12 days I've been on this journey - the 17 day diet (phase I) is effective.  In the first week, I lost 5 pounds.  I was looking at my weight loss journey from last year and it took me almost two months to lose 5 pounds.  And I was able to to that is a week (granted, a very long, arduous week - but 7 days nonetheless). 

My goal for the first 17 days was to lose 8 pounds - since I was at 6.8 as of three days ago, and I still have 6 more days to go - I'm now shooting for 10 pounds.  From what I've read, Phase II weight loss slows down (especially if you're not exercising - which I am NOT doing - cannot seem to motivate myself to be physically active.  Would rather lay like lump).  So, my goal for Phase II is to lose 5 pounds.  Phase III weight loss slows significantly, and some even gain.  So, my goal for Phase III is to lose 2 pounds, for a total of 17 pounds for the first round of the 17 Day Diet. 

I feel like a sexy beast - I'm getting compliments from a co-worker who knows what I'm doing, and I'm feeling confident and sexy.  Like I can conquer the world.  :)

My energy level is low in the am - as it usually is (and always has been - I am NOT a morning person).  But the last two days I've woken up with a headache.  Don't know why b/c I thought I had the headache thing taken care of with this plan.  I think it might have to do with monthly hormones.  And I'm leaving it at that. 

Instead of trying to post everything I've eaten since the last post, I wanted to provide you with a link:  Click on the "Shared Food & Fitness Tracker" link to the right.  You should be able to see my foods logged (I enter them every day to keep track of calories, carbs, fats, and proteins - as well as fiber).  Please let me know if the link does not work.

Yesterday, I consumed slightly less than 1,000 calories (not really on purpose but because I can only eat so much meat, and I didn't feel like cooking vegetables).  I need to find other meals or snacks or something that I can eat that is either premade, or easy to whip together.  I don't like my calorie intake being so low - don't want my metabolism to slow down.  I guess it won't hurt if it's only for a few days - but don't want it to cause damage.

I am slacking today and haven't really had any water.  I did just slurp down about 16 oz of green tea - but my 1.5 L bottle of water has gone untouched.  Usually, I'm half way done with it by now.  I also cheated a bit and had an iced 16 oz non-fat latte.  And the milk was NOT acidophilus!  OMG!  I know. 

I had a container of my acidoophilus milk at work.  Yesterday, after waiting for 15 minutes in line at my office Starbucks, I got my Venti iced coffee and went up to my office.  I added about half a cup of my milk and then got a whiff of it.  As I watched the beautiful swirls of milk blend into my black coffee creating streams and whisps of creamy colored heaven, I realized that my milk was sour.  At this point, I really wanted to cry.  I desperately needed my coffee.  So, I took a tiny sip of the creamy deliciousness before me.  And I tasted.  And I waited for full body gagging.  And it tasted fine.  And no gagging occurred.  And I decided to drink it anyway - sour milk be damned.  What is sour milk if not buttermilk, or sour cream, right?  And I consume that, right? 

Of course, about 10 minutes later I started googling side effects of consumption of sour milk.  The responses varied from food poisoning to none.  And then it got into my head and I was convinced I was going to get sick, which resulted in psychosomatic symptoms (stomach gurgling, nausea, etc.).  So, after drinking about 1/3 of my venti drink, I threw the rest away.  So - no acidophilus milk for coffee today.

I also had a no-no beverage yesterday afternoon.  Still in desperate need of coffee - I gave in around 1pm and got my Starbucks Double Shot + Energy in Light Vanilla.  130 calories of deliciousness over ice.  Pure heaven.  Carb count - 20+.  Not pure heaven.  But oh well. I have to live, right? 

Tomorrow is my cousin's wedding.  I'm excited because the dress I purchased for the wedding was bought the day before I started this journey.  I am interested to see if it fits differently now. 

Ok - that is enough blogging for the day.  So far - so great!  17 day diet is working!  Hunger is not particularly an issue.  Carb craving is an issue - but totally manageable.  Looking forward to Phase II.

Happy Friday!!!!!

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